Home Credit Firm Vs Metamex

Currently getting a home loan may seem almost impossible, and in reality, it isn’t. It is simply that sometimes we do not give ourselves the task of comparing viable options that fit our budget and needs. If you wish to purchase a house or apartment, we help you by comparing two credits for Firm Credit and Metamex Credit.


The best home credit

The best home credit

You may expect in response the name of a loan that will magically bring the house of your dreams to you immediately. Sorry to disappoint you, but as such, that credit does not exist. What does abound are the home loan options with different financial conditions, from which you can take advantage to benefit as much as you can.

For example, here we present two credit options to buy a house from two different banks with the same term to be settled. Although you have both the same 15 years to finish paying your home between both options, there are differences that can help or harm your financial situation (It all depends on your specific case and credit conditions).

Look at the example:

Firm Credit

Firm Credit

This home loan has the peculiarity of being accessible to people who do not have a large part of the total housing and must only give a 20% down payment and can lend you up to $ 10,000,000.00 for the purchase of your home, which should not exceed $ 6,000,000.00 as total value. For your benefit this credit does not have an opening commission and the notarial expenses that you must cover amount to 8% of the value of the credit.

How to get it?

If you have a good credit history in the Credit Bureau , a provable salary exceeding $ 10,000.00, one year old in your employment, your age is between 25 and 75 years and you can cover the initial expenses including the hitch this credit can be yours.


Metamex Credit

Metamex Credit

Although this credit, although it manages an average CAT and a higher down payment, it has the advantage of offering you unlimited amounts, that is, with it you can acquire the home you want regardless of its value. The cost of notarial expenses amounts to 7% with respect to the amount of the credit and can be used to acquire a new or used home.

How to get it?

If you have a good credit history in the Credit Bureau , you are a salaried employee who can prove a salary higher than $ 15,000.00, you have a year of employment in your employment between 26 and 69 years old and you can cover the down payment and the initial expenses this credit is for you.

Do not miss the house of your dreams, getting a mortgage loan is not impossible, it is simply a matter of searching and buying different options in order to find the most appropriate to your current conditions.

Borrow Online With Selected Deals

If you would like to apply for a loan , there are many offers to choose from, so it’s easy to get confused. Good luck, we’ll help you! On our site you will find selected loan offers that have no pitfalls; All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best!


Be sure to carefully review the list of available loans

Be sure to carefully review the list of available loans

As the terms of the loan are not tightened by any government regulations. Therefore, each bank may offer the same type of loan differently. If we take the example of personal loans and focus on APR, it is clear that up to 7-25% can be found in almost any value on the market. The 18% difference between the two values ​​is big enough to not let go of it and try to find the best one possible. Loans are mostly characterized by APR, which is an indicator of how much the total cost of a loan is, which of course you have to pay, but of course not only APR, because there are a number of reasons why you can apply for a loan: speed, need for cover, or minimum income.

We have compared loans in detail on our page and tabulated all of their important features to make them easier to find so you can easily find the right loan product. Of course, the APR is the most important, but after that, the other features of the loan can come and you can start the credit application process from our site. See our partner’s best personal loan and home loan offers, as you can choose from the best products, click here.


Getting a loan has never been so easy and fast

Getting a loan has never been so easy and fast

Take advantage of the opportunities we offer to make your own business easier! Whatever type of loan you are considering applying for now or in the future, we will always be of assistance to you; all you have to do is visit our site! If you have any questions, we won’t let you down, just contact us at one of our contact details! We will be happy to help you with your choice!

Home loan interest rate decline and home loan interest rates.

Nowadays, thanks to the financial crisis of 2008, the average person is completely uncertain whether he would get a loan from his bank if he was going to buy real estate. You can find out all this in our home loan menu item. Home loan interest rate, base rate, interest rate premium, and everything related to the topic.

Fortunately, today the situation looks completely different. Commercial banks are fighting to the fullest for home loan applicants. Customers are quite happy with this, as they are the main winners in this competitive situation, as the average mortgage interest and loan charges may drop by as much as HUF 1 million compared to a year ago.

What are the reasons for the falling and regulated mortgage interest rate?

It is nothing more than the introduction of the “debt brake” that came into effect in 2015 and the introduction of the FAIR Bank Act . These regulators make it mandatory for banks to include elements of responsible lending, such as examining the maximum portion of a mortgage applicant’s income that can be used to repay the loan and the maximum payload of the property.

Home loan interest rates are also subject to stricter regulations.
In the case of the former, the rule is easy to follow: the individual’s certified net monthly income below HUF 400,000 can be charged up to 50% above HUF 400,000 up to 60% with the monthly installment of the home loan.

The retail clientele already has a bitter experience

The retail clientele already has a bitter experience

In this case, unfortunately, the retail clientele already has a bitter experience with over-lending to a given income, so the internal brake on mortgage borrowers works more than the official regulator.
As stated above, banks will primarily determine the interest rate of the home loan they wish to raise, depending on the customer’s certified income and the amount of the loan in relation to the value of the property. If you are curious as to what conditions can take a housing loan.

The decline in mortgage lending rates was triggered by two main factors: the drastic decline in the central bank base rate and, to a lesser extent, the moderate hunger of lender interest rate spreads. (although the drop in the base rate was not followed directly by the banks including interest on the premium, ie the banks were not yet living well akt)
As a result, in 2015, commercial banks may already be seeing rates below 5% for the best mortgage rates offered to their best clients.

As banks are currently only granting loans in forints at home


The only risk that has to be borne in mind in the long term is the increase in interest rates. This risk must be taken into consideration in the case of a 15-20 year product.
Changes in European (ECB) and American (US-Fed) key interest rates affect the Hungarian interest rate. At the current juncture, analysts in Europe are not expecting a significant increase in interest rates for at least the next year.

However, it cannot be stressed enough that current interest rates are at historical lows, so further reductions are not really expected, the more it is worth considering the effects of a possible increase.
For example, a 1 percentage point (or 1%) increase in interest rates can result in up to 5-8% increase in a customer’s monthly installments, of course, depending on maturity and current interest rate.

Nowadays, banks also provide a solution to protect their monthly installment from possible increases in mortgage rates.
This is a fixed interest rate fixed for 10-15-20 years. In this case, they charge an average interest rate of 2% higher than the interest rate on a “normal” home loan. Of course, this “insurance” comes with a price: it can mean approximately 15 percent more monthly repayments.

What income do I need for the Baby Waiting Loan?

Even before the launch of the Baby Waiting Loan on July 1, 2019, there is a huge upfront interest in the scheme, as support of up to HUF 10 million is available if applicants meet the legal and credit institution conditions. One of the most important elements of the conditions is the income test, because it determines how much the claimant can get from the total HUF 10 million grant.

What is a Credit Rating?


Credit rating is the process by which a credit institution examines whether a claimant meets the conditions specified by law and the bank’s internal regulations. This includes an income test, where the financial institution examines whether the claimant will be able to repay the loan taken out of his income. The income test is also important in the case of a Baby Waiting Loan because there is no real estate collateral for this loan, which would serve as a security in case of non-repayment of the loan.

Credit will be granted to the claimant under stricter conditions

Credit will be granted to the claimant under stricter conditions

Banks do not accept, nor do they recommend the inclusion of income, and therefore no support, if the applicant is still on probation at his / her workplace. Wait for the trial to expire before submitting your application. In the case of people with a fixed-term contract , it is to be expected that the credit will be granted to the claimant under stricter conditions.
The minimum net income for a 10 million Baby Waiting Support is 20,000 for a 20 year term.

In the case of income from a KATA enterprise, based on current market lending practice, it is sufficient to have a 3-month past, a Baby Loan requires a 12-month entrepreneurial past and, in most cases, must have at least one closed business year.

How do banks take income into account?


In the case of loans without real estate collateral, financial institutions allow up to 40% of their certified net income to be debited with a repayment installment. In the case of a net income of HUF 100,000, the payment can be debited up to a maximum of HUF 40,000.

If you do not have your first child within 5 years of the date of your baby’s loan, the loan will cease to be interest-free, so in case of a loan of HUF 10 million, HUF 74 thousand will be repaid over a period of 20 years instead of HUF 45 thousand. Credit institutions will, as a precaution, examine the coverage of this $ 74,000 installment when checking income. From this the amount of around HUF 220 thousand mentioned above was calculated.

Because banks will be responsible for credit rating, despite the fact that the interest rate and repayment terms of the Baby Waiting Support are the same for all banks, there may still be significant differences between individual credit institutions in the amount of Baby Waiting Support that can be accepted. It is worth asking our credit brokerage specialists about the different terms and conditions so that you can obtain the highest possible amount of support.

What to consider when applying for a Baby Waiting Loan?

Repayment installments of previously taken loans reduce the amount of Baby Loans that can be claimed. For example, if you haven’t used your credit card you may want to cancel it. It’s a good idea to collect all overdraft, credit card, or credit debt information before you inquire. It is also good to do this because the Baby Waiting Loan can also be used to redeem a loan. It is worth considering this option as well.

Baby Waiting Support can only be claimed once!

The maximum $ 10 Million Baby Waiting Support can only be claimed once. This means that if a person currently has only 7 million forints and can take out a baby loan on the basis of his / her income, if his / her income situation improves he / she will not be able to apply for the unallocated 3 million support.

The $ 10 million Baby Waiting Loan is just because you don’t have to pay interest on it for about $ 8 million more than a personal loan. It is estimated that a couple with an average income is expected to be worth between $ 6-7 million.

If you would like to know more about the Baby Waiting Loan or you are interested in the Village CSOK Terms and Conditions, please fill out the form below as our credit broker will be looking for you!

New Car: I will finance, now what?

According to the experts at My Happy Pocket, the ideal way to buy a good is to do long-term planning, apply the money little by little in an investment and, in the end, buy the good in cash, and even bargain a good one. Discount on payment. “In theory, this would be the perfect scenario: the consumer pays no interest, buys the good for a smaller amount than if he had to pay in installments and still pays off the product in a shorter period of time than if he had to finance it” , explains the portal’s financial educator, John Demnolis.

However, he shows that in practice this project requires discipline. In addition, the consumer often needs that good or does not want to wait so long to gather all the money to buy it in cash. “Credit tools should not be viewed as villains. They arise precisely to give vent to the consumer’s dreams, especially long-term ones. However, these tools need to be used with planning and intelligence for the dream not to end up becoming a problem, ”ponders Demnolis.

And that reasoning is no different in car financing.

car loan with money cash

SPC Brazil economist Meireilas Kawauti explains that consumers can save up to R $ 4,000 on the total financing value of a new car simply by researching the cost differences between other banks – without having to increase the value of the entry or shorten it. the payment term. “The spot price is always the lowest, but in case of installments, you need to research a lot, be aware of the interest rate and calculate the total cost of financing and not the value of each installment”, advises Meireilas.


Negotiate Rates

car loan with money cash

Few people know but interest prices are not fixed and can be negotiated depending on the customer profile, payment terms and even the car model. “That is why it is indispensable to research and negotiate. Consumers may be able to lower the price of interest, depending on the amount of down payment and the length of time they will need to settle the car. In addition, dealerships usually vary the price of interest, depending on the make and model of the car, ”explains Meireilas.


Does zero interest exist?

car loan with money cash

The “zero interest” tactic is widely used in dealership advertisements. Experts warn that zero interest, most of the time simply does not exist. Usually the interest is camouflaged in the total cost of the car, since the same model is sold in cash by the dealership at a good discount. “In fact, to be zero interest, the financed amount has to be exactly equal to the cash value, which almost never happens,” warns Demnolis.

In the My Happy Pocket portal, you can better understand your options when buying a car and which one to choose. Click here.

Decided to finance your car?

car loan with money cash

    Then check out five tips to help you:

  • Commit no more than 30% of the net household budget, which is what remains after settling the expenses. If there is another large debt, such as the installment of a property, the two mortgages must fit within that 30%;

  • Try to minimize the number of benefits. If the amount does not reach the ceiling of 30% of your net budget, we recommend reducing the number of installments. In general, the lower the number of installments, the lower the interest rate will be;

  • Faced with a good opportunity, do not act on impulse. Return home, think about it, do the math, and come back to the seller again with the final proposal;

  • Remember to have a reserve for the extra expenses you will have with the new car, documentation, IPVA and insurance.

Almost all banks now offer auto finance, so choose the one that offers the best terms, go to that comparator and find out in just minutes what is the best option.