With the end of the year, many people want to organize their lives to start the next year on the right foot. In this scenario, personal loan becomes an interesting idea, as it may be a safe solution to swap expensive debt for cheaper debt and be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

But besides wanting to get the budget out of the red, there are a lot of people wanting to go even further in 2020 and looking to invest in their own business . As a result, the demand for loans with special conditions for individual retailers or microentrepreneurs is increasing.

This desire for entrepreneurship in the Brazilian population is not new and has been growing even more in recent years. According to Serasa, by August this year, more than 2 million companies were opened, 20.7% more than in the same period last year . MEI-type registrations are for Individual Microentrepreneurs, the fastest growing type of company in this period, representing 82% of companies opened by August 2019.

Good news is that, according to Serasa economist Luiz Rabi, 88% of MEI companies that were created in the last two years are still working. This means that even with the country’s economic situation, entrepreneurship can be a great idea!

So if you are considering starting a business of your own, or if you already have a business and want to organize accounts to further enhance the potential of your business , this article is for you! Let’s talk about corporate loan solutions, including those who need to pay off company debts and look for a loan for negative retailer . Enjoy the encouragement of the approaching new year, check out our tips and run after your dreams.


Loan for tenants, how does it work?

Loan for tenants, how does it work?

For those who have a trade or provide services, either as a small business or MEI, the question that does not want to be silent is: how to get a loan for MEI ? So let’s go in parts.

One of the main advantages of being a formal worker is having specific lines of credit for small businesses. Recently, the Saversmind Development Bank created a financing modality dedicated exclusively to the development of individual microentrepreneurs . In addition, there are several other lending options focused on this market.

Then you will ask me: but then, how do I choose the best option? Is it more worthwhile to borrow or finance? To know what is the ideal solution for your situation you need to do a lot of research and first of all know exactly how much you need and where you want to spend the money.

Financing tends to have very low rates and long repayment terms, but it is intended for specific uses such as purchasing materials and machinery, or expanding business. Loans can be used the way you prefer : to pay off company debt, organize finances, have working capital, make improvements, increase your production capacity, and so on.

In that case, if you have many things to work out, opting for a loan may be the best way. Today, loan options with rates and repayment terms that are as competitive as those of financing can be found on the market.


Can a negative retailer take out a loan?

Can a negative retailer take out a loan?

Getting a loan with a dirty name is not an easy task, but neither is it impossible. In the market, the main options for loans to negatives are offered to civil servants, retirees or pensioners.

This is because the person applying for the credit has a fixed income and the loan amount can be deducted directly from the benefit payment (salary, retirement or pension). Thus the operation is safer for the institution offering the credit and therefore may have lower rates.

But if you are a freelance entrepreneur do not get discouraged. There are companies that specialize in loans for negatives and various credit models that can suit you, ie you can still get a loan to stabilize the finances of your business . For this, the most important thing is to be able to prove that you have a secure source of income and that you will be able to repay this loan.

We know that the company’s profits are variable and that you do not have the same paycheck every month, but proving that in recent months you have earned a sufficient amount, already makes the process a little easier. Also, if you haven’t figured out what the advantages of having a CNPJ are, one of the main benefits is here: Having a formalized company facilitates financing and lending processes for your business.

In addition to companies focused on loans for negatives, there are credit solutions with good guarantees for financial companies, which, in addition to having lower rates, are also offered to those in debt, as is the case of loan guarantee. Tcredi’s property . To get this credit, you only have to have a property that can be valued and pledged in the negotiation of the loan. The whole process is super safe and you do not lose the right to use the property, it is only inserted in the negotiation.


Online Simulation

loan Simulation

If you want to know how to get a personal loan online or which bank is best for a personal loan, The first thing you must do is a loan simulation. By utilizing an online loan simulator you will be able to visualize more clearly what are the negotiation possibilities for the amount you need and find the best solution for you. So you make a decision with more security and no surprises when it comes to borrowing.

Here at Tcredi, you do virtually the entire process online ! It starts with the simulation, where you will find the ideal conditions for your loan. Then you register the documents, go through an approval process, and then receive the value.

It’s the perfect combination of the convenience of being able to do everything right from the comfort of your couch and the peace of mind of having a secure financial institution . In addition to all this convenience, Tcredi has one of the best payment terms on the market: rates from 0.99% per month and up to 180 months to pay.


How the Tcredi Process Works


We’ve talked a little bit about how Tcredi’s online loan works, and you’ve seen that you do almost everything without leaving home! But even if you do the whole process online, you have a team of people dedicated to offering you the best credit solution . Whether by phone or even by email or WhatsApp, there will always be a consultant following your entire process and answering your questions. See the details:

1- Simulation: With our calculator you simulate your loan without bureaucracy, just enter the value and zip code of the property that will be collateral, what amount of credit you want and how long you want to repay the loan.

2- Registration: You tell us more about yourself with some personal details and contact information. In a few hours one of our consultants will call you to help you get the best loan option.

3 – Documents: You send us some personal documents such as RG, CPF, proof of income and also the documents of the property that you will use as collateral. Here you are in charge. We receive your documents by email or via WhatsApp.

4 – Property Valuation: One of our experts will visit you to make a property valuation. Then there is also a legal appraisal, where we evaluate more deeply documents of the property, the IRS and other pending issues that may exist.

4 – Cash in hand: With the approved credit and the signature of the contract, soon the amount is available in the checking account you registered. You may still have a grace period to start paying the installments.


No more excuses to leave your own business for later! Take the time to make a simulation, hire a secure credit solution with great rates and payment terms, and finally invest in your business and start 2020 on the right foot.

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